Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photofolio - Among the most powerful Drupal themes ever released

Photofolio - Among the most powerful Drupal themes ever released. Ideal for bloggers, photographers, designers, creatives and trendsetters.

  • Front Page SlideShow
    Add your post to the front-page slide show with a single click. Leave the rest to Photofolio. Front page slide show automatically promotes your posts.
  • Blog Post: Story the way it should be
    An enhanced version of "Story". A blog post with images and multiple tags. You will love this way of posting in your site. promoted node types.
  • Gallery post: publish your photos in a small gallery
    Photofolio comes with this content type built-in. All you need to do is attach your images. Photofolio will create a smooth and impressive photogallery.
  • Galleries block: putting Views into your service
    The built-in Galleries block recognizes all Gallery posts and creates a nice summary block with your submitted galleries. Images are automatically resized for best fit.
  • Monthly Archives: putting Views into your service, pt II.
    What’s a blog without this? With the power of Views, Photofolio provides a ready to use block that counts and summarize your posts.
  • Image management, the auto-way.
    Photofolio comes with the ImageCache module and other techniques for auto-detection and auto-resizing of attached images. Pixel perfect thumbnails created automatically so that you won’t need to upload new cropped images. And if you still prefer your own thumbs, there’s no problem. Photofolio will understand and feature those instead.

A useful resource is also our detailed User’s guide: http://wiki.morethanthemes.com/index.php?title=Photofolio:Documentation

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