Friday, October 21, 2011

Business Class Drupal theme- Help your business stand out with the power of Drupal

Business Class for Drupal 7

Help your business stand out

With multiple color schemes and typographic styles, unparalleled automations and unmatched ease of use. Read more

Business Class preview


Front Page Slideshow

Drive your Slideshow easily with the built-in intelligence. Create your “Slideshow entries” adding text, images or even full HTML. Or just set your content* to be promoted!
*Slideshow Entry, Product, Service & Blogpost.

Unparalleled Slideshow flexibility.

Leave it on the front page or set it to be displayed anywhere on your site. Dozens of transition effects available through theme settings.

Comes in your favourite color.

Four color schemes to choose from for all tastes and corporate identities; Blue, Gray, Green, Red. Just pick the one that fits you with a single click through the theme-settings.

Nice menus.

Business Class is integrated with the Nice Menu module supporting gorgeous multi-level drop-down menus with smooth motion.

Gorgeous testimonials.

Showcase words of love from your users and customers in the most amazing way, with the custom-made "Testimonial" content type and its unique design and automations.

Multiple font-schemes

Select among different font-schemes, with font-families for all tastes and corporate identities. Just pick the one that fits you with a couple of clicks.

Breadcrumb with a single click.

Breadcrumb is good to your users, especially if your website turns big. So, just switch it on via the theme settings.


Enjoy attention to detail, provide your visitors those little goodies that make a difference such as a jQuery based “Scroll to Top”.

Views at your disposal.

Enjoy Views blocks ready-made for your ease: Latest blogposts, latest products, latest testimonials, archives and more.

Region-rich, yet without risk

Comes with a wealth of custom regions: Navigation, Banner, Promoted Area, Footer First, Footer Second, Footer Third, Footer Right. Yet it’s end-to-end compliant to the default Drupal regions.

Blogging goodies

Who doesn't blog nowadays? Who shouldn't? Business Class comes with support for the Blog module and a pre-activated blog*.
*Installation profile

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Comes with built-in twitter integration, looking cute, working great and allowing for the configuration of Twitter title, Twitter account and Twitter time.

Beautiful and sophisticated yet lightweight.

Gorgeous design built to the last detail using HTML and CSS3 rather than images, speeding up your website's load times.

Reorder everything, no limits.

Use Drupal 7’s built-in manage display to re-arrange all the content type fields* on a page according to your needs or liking.
*Business Class content type fields

One or two column support.

Leave the Sidebar First region without any blocks and the Content region will occupy all the available width. And it will be still looking good.

Show your visitors you love’em. Especially returning ones.

Business Class lets your users create their own signatures, making comments personalized.

Boost conversation even more.

Comments in Business Class are more than mere comments. They’re beautifully designed parts of an ongoing dialog and interaction. And it shows.